North Caicos Bucket List

Take a step away from the crowded beaches and visit North Caicos.  This is a a  short list of what to see on a self-guided tour of North Caicos.

Or  make the most of  your time on with a guide to the best attractions. Enjoy islander knowledge and local folklore with a friendly, animated host, touring either by land or sea, or both.

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Whitby Beach North Caicos - Turks and Caicos Islands beaches

Beach access at Silver Palm leads to beautiful 3 mile Whitby Beach where you are welcome to lounge about all day


North Caicos beaches give you the feeling that no one has even been there before. White sand beaches on North Caicos are vast, unspoiled, unpolluted and uncrowded with a gentle slope seaward. A  paradise for swimming, snorkeling and beach combing.

The protective barrier reef surrounding the Turks and Caicos Islands breaks the force of the Atlantic rollers, allowing gentle waves to wash the shoreline. Here, on this out island hideaway, you will spoil yourself in the natural beauty of the Turks & Caicos Islands.

3-mary-cays north caicos turks and caicos islands


Victoria Gift Shop   has snorkel gear for rent.

Inside the reef that surrounds North Caicos  you will find calm crystal waters that abound in marine life. Much of the underwater world of North Caicos' north shore coast remains unexplored. There are huge coral hills 30 to 40 feet high, separated by tiny canyons and overgrown with soft corals, within one-half to one mile offshore. One of the more popular locations for snorkeling from the beach on North Caicos is Three Mary's Cays, just west of Whitby Beach. Starting from the shore in very shallow water, snorkelers enjoy swimming around the three individual cays located very near the shore, observing different forms of coral, fish and sea life.


When it comes to fishing, the Turks and Caicos Islands are unsurpassed. Virtually all water game species abound. There are bonefish by thousands, snapper and grouper.

If you are feeling really lazy, you can just wade out and pluck your own fresh lobster or conch! Snorkeling, fishing, private excursions and eco-tours can be arranged through Captn' Poach, your best resource for fun on North Caicos.

Some of the ruins at Wade's Green Plantation on North Caicos


Visit the Government Farm in Kew, with exotic native fruit trees then zip over to nearby Wades Green, an interpretive walk through shaded woodlands. The plantation ruins of the Loyalists, the American colonists who remained loyal to Great Britain during the American Revolutionary War, gives a remarkable sense of North Caicos heritage.



Rent a car on North and journey just a few miles over the causeway to Middle Caicos.There are mysterious caverns where guano was mined as fertilizer, the largest of all in the Caribbean region is located on Middle Caicos near the Conch Bar settlement.

Wading birds found on North Caicos


Rare tropical bird life and prehistoric iguanas can be found in many of the sanctuaries and reserves.

There are also a huge number of migrating whales approximately 2000 feet offshore of North Caicos in the winter months through the end of March.

Flocks of pink flamingos are often observed from Whitby Beach, right in front of our restaurant. There is also a huge bird preserve with an overlook where you will see thousands of the flamingo flock wading in the shallow waters.  There is a constant presence of pelicans and ospreys. At times a playful dolphin may join you in the calm surf.

Cottage Pond on North Caicos - not just a freshwater pond, but an enormous sinkhole that becomes a salt water chamber at 65 feet underwater, opening into a complicated network of subterrainan tunnels, and bottoming out at around 255 feet.


Discover 'Cottage Pond', a bottomless circular lake in the middle of the forest. Cottage Pond on  is not just a freshwater pond, but an enormous sinkhole that becomes a salt water chamber at 65 feet underwater, opening into a complicated network of subterranean tunnels, and bottoming out at around 255 feet.

North Caicos Whitby beach at Silver Palm Restaurant on North Caicos

North Caicos Whitby beach at Silver Palm Restaurant on North Caicos


Learn the 'art of vacation'. Consider doing nothing and just enjoying the quiet solitude found on North Caicos.  You are always welcome at Silver Palm Restaurant and Bar steps from Whitby Beach or at our second location, Silver Palm Bistro, just  off of Horsestable Beach.  Meals, snacks, ice cream, drinks and cold libations are waiting for your refreshment. Customers can take advantage of Silver Palms' beach access trail and lounge chairs & enjoy the best beach North Caicos has to offer.